Too Much Salt?

We’re eating too much salt! Health authorities say we consume 80% more salt than is good for us.

But salt has been in the diet of every culture since forever, what’s the problem?

It’s the refining of salt plus over consumption of processed and packaged foods.

Apparently we’re so addicted to the flavour of salt it’s too hard for industry to reduce the amount in foods and keep us interested in their products. They say salt is needed as a preservative and flavour enhancer and that if they were to reduce salt we would simply add more to our taste anyway.

One thing industry knows well is the “bliss point” of every food. Extensive research with people tasting foods determines the best combination of salt, sugar and fat so we’ll love it and even be addicted! A lot of science has gone into manufacturing a wide variety of salt crystals designed to give the very best “burst of flavour” to suit every different type of food.

If salt is reduced then fat and sugar are increased to maintain flavour. Or if fats are reduced the salt is increased!

Murray River salt

Refined salt is a cubic crystal, alien to the body. It creates fluid imbalances and raises blood pressure. “Natural sea salt” may well have been dried in a kiln, creating hard fired pieces which are ground back down to an appropriate crystal size leaving sharp glasslike fragments. It has anti-caking and flow agents added.

Iodine may be added but this amount is inadequate to restore iodine deficiencies. The potassium iodide also evaporates fairly quickly from the salt, even in storage.

Traditionally, salt was gathered from natural sources. It was mineralised; in a mineral matrix it’s well absorbed and finds its balance, excess can be passed off in the urine. It’s nourishing and helps balance fluid in the cells. A good natural salt gives drinking water an electrolyte potential so it can properly hydrate the cells. It helps alkalize the body and supports adrenal function.

There are excellent salts available. Himalayan and Celtic are well known. The Murray River Salt is seriously delicious!