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Appointment times are available for a limited time in advance (usually about a fortnight) and are updated regularly. Times available are highlighted in white in the booking calendar (Step 2 in the booking process).

Booking Procedure

The process is easy and self-evident, instructions are below for extra support.

  • Click the link to ‘Bookings’.
  • 1. Service – choose the type of consultation you would like and the practitioner.
  • 2. Time – the available days are highlighted in white – click on the day you prefer to see available timeslots. Choose a timeslot to move forward.
  • 3. Details – fill in your details and any notes.
  • 4. Payment – if you have a Discount Coupon please enter the code, then fill in credit card details for a Secure Transaction via Stripe.
  • 5. Done – your booking is complete. This step has a link back to the start if you wish to make a second booking.

Repeated attempts to make a booking may cause the system to hold multiple entries – the page will have to be refreshed/reloaded.

If you have any difficulties please use the contact form for assistance, or phone Hugh 0466 826 161.

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Membership provides online access to your prescribed products. It is free to anyone registered with clinic as a patient.

Membership is only available after a face to face meeting with clinic staff with proper documentation. Once you’re a member all you have to do is log in and your “special products” will be in the shop.

Its free at a market or presentation. We’ll take the filled out forms then discuss and take notes on your case. It should be enough to set you up with essential basics and allow further consults by phone if needed.

Patients working with complex health concerns have easy access to repeat prescriptions – just log in and order, it will be in the mail the next day.

Prescriptions are always checked against clinic notes, authorized and recorded before dispatch.

Becoming a member has 2 minimum requirements

  1. You’ve had a face to face meeting with Hugh
  2. You’ve filled out a couple of forms

This site has been coded so that prescription items are excluded from the site unless manually allocated to a registered member.

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) allows the provision of “practitioner only” supplements by registered practitioners to their clients after a documented consultation. You’ll need to agree to “terms of service” and must use all supplements as they’re prescribed.

Membership is for 6 months only. You will be emailed a reminder and sent a renewal form. Its a check in with us so we can tick all the boxes about on-going care. If membership expires you’ll need to physically see us again.

Whether you simply meet us over the counter or have a full in-depth consultation you may become a member. Safe, suitable and appropriate “practitioner registered” products will be individually chosen for you and available by clicking the link from your Account Page.

Shop at home and have your order delivered, or pick up at clinic.