Consultations at Clinic

Welcome to the clinic consulting room.

A consultation is the very best way to fully understand those multi-layered aspects of complex health concerns.

It’s the space to explore healing and support needs. It takes two hours, with a full case history and a Physiospect scan.

We review as much as possible – medical tests, scans and records, medications and medical history. Physiospect gives insight into pathologies through a wide range of body compartments and tissue segments as well as possible microbial burdens.

We plan a way forward – ideas for now and a vision for future vitality and harmonies.

Supplements and their best usage are written into a script form, these may be purchased at the consultation or later if preferred via clinic membership. Memberships give a personal online portal to everything prescribed.

How to Arrange a Consultation

There are two steps

  • fill out a form
  • book the consultation

Please complete and send the form before a consultation, preferably at least one day prior so we have time to review it.  Take time to fill it out well so ample information is available from the beginning. Health concerns take time to understand and consultation time is productive and insightful when important information is already on the table in front of us.

Filling Out the Form

This form takes about 10 or 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the form is a link to upload medical documents.

Click the button to open your form, it will open in a new page. The form cannot be saved while filling it out so please plan ahead to do it all at one time.

Before starting have ready

  • list of medications, prescribed dose, reason for taking
  • list of natural supplements and amount taken
  • medical reports and scans in a handy folder for uploading

Make a Booking

Bookings are available on the booking page, please click the link to proceed. Please note the cancellation policy.

If you have any problems please send a message by the contact page.

Appointment times are available for a limited time in advance (usually about a fortnight) and are updated regularly. Times available are highlighted in white in the booking calendar (Step 2 in the booking process).

Booking Procedure

The process is easy and self-evident, instructions are below for extra support.

  • Click the link to ‘Bookings’.
  • 1. Service – choose the type of consultation you would like and the practitioner.
  • 2. Time – the available days are highlighted in white – click on the day you prefer to see available timeslots. Choose a timeslot to move forward.
  • 3. Details – fill in your details and any notes.
  • 4. Payment – if you have a Discount Coupon please enter the code, then fill in credit card details for a Secure Transaction via Stripe.
  • 5. Done – your booking is complete. This step has a link back to the start if you wish to make a second booking.

Repeated attempts to make a booking may cause the system to hold multiple entries – the page will have to be refreshed/reloaded.

If you have any difficulties please use the contact form for assistance, or phone Hugh 0466 826 161.