Clinic Services

Clinic services are available at two levels

  • ‘Consultation’ – to understand your situation well enough for full prescribing
  • ‘Client’ – to self manage online

It’s all about services online. Good natural health care is self managed – it just needs good information and good supplements. The information is widely available but often confusing, we try to keep it simple and get it right. Good supplements are often restricted, we try to make them easily available in an ethical and professional environment.

Consultations are at clinic in Pomona or by video by Zoom or Skype, or by phone. Every Consultation gets a Subscription. Click here or the image below to learn more.

Subscriptions are by online form then a 15 minute Zoom link or phone call (booked online). The form is easy to fill out yet covers most of your health concerns so we know what’s going on and can make the most of the phone chat. Click here or the image below to learn more.

The system

This website is coded so that any ‘restricted’ item can be kept in a hidden part of the shop, from where it becomes available for us to select inside every Subscriber’s profile.

hugh wallace in clinic



Make appointments – any clinic service.



For personal support from a practitioner. Ensures access to all clinic products.


Clinic Clients

Clinic online. For simplified access to most clinic products.

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Contact Us

Contact form, phone number, clinic address.



Upcoming events.

travelling queensland

Seminars, Fairs, Markets

Taking naturopathy to regional Queensland.


About Us

Practitioner’s qualifications and story.

fees rates

Fees & Rates

The energy exchange – how much we ask for services.


Clinic Forms

A short-cut to each online form.