Is Organic Food worth paying for?

Of all possible ways to maintain wellness the most effective and enduring is to buy fresh food and prepare it at home.

Many a working man in tough dirty industry has lived a long and productive life without significant medical interventions because he ate home cooking from fresh bought food.

Cooking costs little more in time and money than purchasing restaurant or take away food – which is often microwaved, bulk purchased cheap with numerous flavours added and cannot contain healthful oils.

Fresh food is easy to find and affordable, so are organics worth the premium price or extra shopping time? Many articles and reports have stated there’s little difference between conventionally grown food and organics, that the vitamin and mineral content are similar.

This may be effectively disputed.

Value of Organic Food

The nutritional value of plant foods is much more than the vitamins and minerals – there are the many phytochemicals. For example the flavonols, anthocyanins and allicin in onions; quantities present being orders of magnitude larger in organics.

The obvious advantage of organics is lack of poisons – pesticides and herbicides. We’re exposed to a vast array of complex toxins and the less of them the better.

Another very significant aspect of wellness is the electrical potential of our cell membranes. Which has everything to do with how well fluids flow through the vasculature, for example. Food has a powerful contribution here and  the energy starts in the soil at molecular level.

Rich healthy soil with a diverse microflora fed by organic mineral fertilizer provides fundamentally different crops than conventional crops with chemical input (which includes hydroponics, which is most of the salad vegies available in supermarkets).

And genetically modified foods (GM’s) cannot be the answer. GM’s have brought only two benefits – BT for cotton and Roundup Ready for seed crops. So if its GM human food it will have Glyphosate – more and more evidence is revealing the huge fraud and health cost associated with this weed killer.

Eating organics is totally worth the extra cost. Grow something at home, buy as much as you can afford, especially of fresh vegetables. Home delivery services are becoming a great option.

Enjoy the deeper sense of wellness. And enjoy the FOOD.

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