crustacean shells glucosamine

How Glucosamine works to relieve Joint Pain

Medical articles on Glucosamine refer to trials in which little to no benefit was found with regard to joint pain and joint degeneration.

However a lot of people are buying a lot of Glucosamine and the placebo effect only lasts so long – no doubt these powders made from ground up sea shells are offering genuine pain relief.

One trial showed that Glucosamine had equal effectiveness to Celebrex (1). But Celebrex directly contributes to joint destruction in two ways; reduction of inflammation removes the main healing mechanism in the joint, and reduction of pain allows more activity thus tearing the joint down faster.



So if Glucosamine relieves pain it had better support joint repair and healing as well. Can it do this?

Well, sort of.

How it works

Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) is a powerful driver for the destructive inflammation involved in arthritic and other conditions.

Glucosamine binds to WGA in the gut and prevents its absorption – it is carried out to be eliminated. This particular function is no doubt why different people have different results – it depends on how much wheat is eaten as well as the amount and type of dietary lectins in the diet overall.

A good medical experiment would be to compare Glucosamine use with the removal of WGA from the diet.

But it’s also easy to experiment on yourself.