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Greetings fellow health explorers and welcome to my website!

You’ll find useful information here and some good products. For ‘behind the counter’ access to naturopathic products consider a ‘Membership’. Consultations are required complex health concerns – you may visit clinic or arrange a remote consultation.

Its essential to build wellness into our lives with satisfying diet, effective supplements, awareness of toxic lifestyles, attraction to harmonies. While the world is full of ideas and agendas, both good and bad!

We live in interesting times – be careful what we wish for! Let’s learn to thrive during change … let’s help the transition have an open ending while we create new beginning…

The images above are mine. This website is a labour of love and some ideas are new. Yet good health is essentially simple and now we have the internet as an expression of our consciousness – let’s add some empowerment.

Happy browsing, please feel free to contact me with information or ideas to share.

Hugh Wallace ND


Next market – POMONA

See you on Saturday 31st October

Sale – surplus stock clearance

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New Product: Thyroid Support – for enhanced thyroid hormone production

Also new: Silica Formula – for strong bones, nails and hair, with safe aluminium and glyphosate detox

This site is in transition to full online services..more pages coming…please enjoy what is here