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Truth is a strange entity – slowly taking shape and appearing as if out of a mist, although sometimes it jumps out in front of us waving its arms. The truth has no keeper, and once seen can never be ‘not known’.

In times of increasing stressors being healthy is becoming a privilege. Finding and keeping health means participating in the process – at least. It means coming to terms with a workable truth in an age of information and disinformation. There are lifestyle changes to be made, diets to alter forever, vitamins, minerals and herbs to swallow, tests to take and understand and much patience required.

The essential strategy is to build as much wellness into our lives as possible. Satisfying diet, affordable supplements, awareness of toxins, loss of interest in toxic lifestyles. Health creates an attractor pattern – a rhythm and balance that encourages healthy input.

One effective way to make major health improvements is to pull all toxic metals out of the body and fully refill the body with essential minerals. Its a fairly straightforward and affordable process with profound benefits.

This website is about ways to work with this – basic ideas and a handy shop for supplements.

Its also the public face of a naturopath who works quietly from home. I hope you like my writing!

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