Hugh Wallace  Naturopath

Australian Traditional Medicine Society: Member No. 19051

  • Advanced Diploma Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Diploma Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma Nutrition
  • Certificate Massage


I’m a naturopath, father and grandfather.

I experienced diverse cultures and diets while traveling in my younger years, learning health and wellness firsthand from the fortunes of travelers struggling with hepatitis, dysentery and malaria.  I lived in India studying meditation, yoga and nature cure.

The twists and turns of life brought me to study Naturopathy; after graduation I spent 7 years in clinical practice on the Sunshine Coast. Yet I was disillusioned with the naturopathic model and the way it was built around products. I stepped out of practice for a while to work out west and think it all through, seeking a more essential way of working with health problems.

I’m grateful for this country with great space and opportunities, its been good to me and the vision is clearer.

I like a strong foundation of good naturopathic principles; diet balanced to an individual’s constitution, the vital foods, key minerals and herbs.  And the latest research is so interesting! Amazing healing techniques and supplements are now available for naturopaths to bring to their patients.

I’m now living quietly in Eumundi. If you’d like to see me to discuss your health concern please call. Otherwise you may find useful resources on this website – please write for additional advice or products.

May 2017