12 Steps to Sleep Training Babies

Some ideas for tired mums and dads

New babies:

 1. After 8 weeks of age, wean baby off of falling asleep at the breast.

2.  If mama is nursing in the middle of the night, better to feed them as “dream feed” meaning that she feeds them before they are actually awake.

3.  Create a schedule – eat, sleep, active time, every 3 hours.

4.  Look at breastfeeding mamas diet for caffeine? Other stimulants?

After 4 months of age:

5.  Start by having parents keep a sleep log to see progress CLICK HERE to view SLEEP DIARY

6. Parents need to be on the same page with sleep training and consistent in reactions to wakefulness – if not already trained, 9-10 months of age is a good developmental time to do so.

7.  Same place to sleep for naps and nighttime whenever possible.

8. Same time to sleep every day for night (ideal is 7-7:30 pm), and naps.

9. A consistent nightly bedtime will help to reinforce the circadian clock and enable the child to fall asleep more easily.

10.  Ideal sleeping temperature: 19–23ºC (or even 19–21ºC ) – dress appropriately.

 11. Bedtime routine should last about 20 to 45 minutes and include three to four soothing activities, such as taking a bath (warm bath, then cooler environment), changing into pajamas, and reading stories. It should not include television or other electronic devices, blue light and screens disturb melatonin.

12. The child should be put to bed drowsy but awake to minimize dependence upon parental presence at sleep onset (watch for sleep cues, like yawning and rubbing eyes).

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