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A case history – the best analytical tool of all

A consultation is the best technique to help understand those multi-layered aspects of complex and chronic health concerns.

We review as much as possible – medical history, medical tests, scans and records, medications.

It takes two hours, with a full case history and a Physiospect scan. Physiospect gives insight into pathologies through a wide range of body compartments and tissue segments as well as possible microbial burdens.

We plan a way forward with ideas for now and a vision for future vitality. Supplements and their best usage are discussed – these don’t need to be purchased on the day because a membership is created and everything prescribed is then available online.

We have comprehensive nutritional knowledge but don’t prescribe “diets”. A diet analysis is taken to understand any deficiencies or imbalances. Dietary and food recommendations are always congruent with your own preferences, budget, family meal preferences and what is available locally.

A consultation is mandatory for higher level level remedies which are regulated by the TGA and only available to registered naturopaths.

Consultations may be at clinic in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast Qld, or remotely by Skype or Zoom. The base rate for consultations is $88 per hour.

Clinic Consultations

The first clinic visit is best for two hours – time for a case history, Physiospect scan and treatment plan. Please have the “New Patient Form” filled out and submitted at least one day before.

Products may be purchased at the consult or later online. A website membership will be created and recommended products made available in the shop for a logged in member. Memberships provide easy access to repeat prescriptions – just log in and order, it will be in the mail the next day. Prescriptions are always checked against clinic notes, authorized and recorded before dispatch.

Remote Consultations

This consultation has the advantage of being available to everyone.

It really should be on a visible link such as Zoom or Skype so it’s as comprehensive as possible but of course the analysis with Physiospect cannot be run. A phone call is also possible but may not be sufficient for prescribing of higher level products needed in serious conditions.

A good idea is to make the first online consult for one hour only. The properly filled form has a lot of information to start with and a great deal can be covered in a short time. Follow-ups can easily be booked for later if needed.

It would take around a quarter hour to plan remedies and things to do. You’ll get a prescription form written out with remedies prioritized in order of importance. The script is emailed, a membership is created and the products will be available in the shop for you only. Please take time to understand them and purchase as desired. There is no obligation to buy, however if alternative products are preferred this will have to be accounted for at follow-up consultations so we know what’s going on.

How to Book a Consultation

There are two steps

  • fill out a form
  • book the consultation

Please complete the form before a consultation, preferably at least one day prior so we have time to review it.  It’s best to take time to fill it out well so ample information is available from the beginning. Health concerns take time to understand and consult time is so much more productive and insightful when important information is already on the table in front of us.

Filling Out the Form

This form takes about 10 or 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the form is a link to upload medical documents.

Click the button to open your form, it will open in a new page. The form cannot be saved while filling it out so please plan ahead to do it all at one time.

Things to have ready before starting

  • list of medications, dosage, reason for taking
  • list of natural supplements
  • test results and scans in a handy folder for upload at the end of the form

Bookings are available on the booking page, please click the link to proceed. Please note the cancellation policy.

If you have any problems please send a message by the contact page.

Mailing Address

If you download and print the form, either scan and email


Post to:

Support Health Clinic

PO Box 353

Eumundi Qld 4562

New Patient (female) – form download

New Patient (male) – form download