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A consultation is the gold standard of clinical practice.

Everything medical starts at the clinician’s desk with the patient’s story. A case history is the best analytical tool of all.

A personal visit to a practitioner is necessary for a prescription, and with a naturopath a lot of awesome health products become available. These are restricted from public sale but are generally quite safe, and effectively managed by anyone interested enough to use them.

So a practitioner needs time to hear the patient talk to what is going on. There’s a lot of information to get across so a well completed form is very helpful.

We like to run a Physiospect scan of the body. The scanning covers cross sections of the trunk, major organs, main reproductive organs and tissue, heart and major vessels, main lymphatic vessels and plexus, blood and white blood cells, brain and major nerves and chromosomes.

The foundations of wellness are hydration, good food and some key supplements.  We set you up with a simple supplement routine to build into your life forever. Products are recommended and explained, with a written script for how to use them. A website membership is created and all the products are available for research and purchase to a logged in member.

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