Sprouts – the Healthiest Salad is the Cheapest

Sprouting various seeds is easy and makes a highly nutritious and delicious addition to any meal.

When a seed is sprouted it has higher vitamin, enzyme, fatty acid and fibre content plus increased availability of protein and minerals.

Easily sprouted seeds are mung, lentil and alfalfa.

Seeds can be sprouted in a jar, this article is based on the sprouting trays as in the picture.

Sprinkle a dessert spoon of seeds across the tray and fill with water, allow to drain through. Keep the tray out of direct sunlight.

Alfalfa seeds are ready when they reach the top of the tray (about 4 days) when they can be lifted out of the tray in bunches – rinse with the water flowing through to wash out any unsprouted seeds and pack into a container for the fridge. Mung and lentil are ready when the seed has a small sprout (about 2 days).

Do not allow to dry out, but here is the secret – do not over water or you’ll have rot set in! Allow the bottom of the tray to just get dry before re-watering.

Experiment (as we do). Its a great way to have a fresh vital food available all year round.