3 Mistakes Choosing Supplements

Multi-vitamins are the often our first choice when buying a health supplement. But are they worth buying and taking?

Its true that evidence has shown benefit from taking a regular multi-vitamin and there are some quality supplements available on pharmacy and supermarket shelves. However most vitamins are synthetically manufactured in a similar factory and process to pharmaceuticals. In fact pharmaceutical companies are systematically buying out the natural supplement makers. So using the vitamins may be like putting oil on worn machinery…

3 mistakes to consider:

Mistake 1. A well branded multi-vitamin promoted by a famous person will take care of micro-nutrient needs and even make up for missed meals or take-away food.

Answer: Water, protein, fats and carbohydrate are the main nutrients. Their quality, amount and proportions is key. Try to get the most micro-nutrients from the most nourishing macro-nutrients.

Multi-vitamin supplements have a lot of ingredients but the amounts are very small, well below therapeutic values. Supplements can only support the matrix of food.

Mistake 2. Buying a bigger quantity of a discount brand is good value.

Answer: The old saying holds true – you get what you pay for.

Ingredient quality is most important. One common bulk buy is fish oil capsules. These highly perishable oils can be from farmed fish, macerated with hexane extraction.

Mistake 3. Buying tablets and neglecting powders.

Answer: Tablets are convenient but many don’t fully dissolve in the gut. Powders, liquids and capsules are a first choice.

So which supplements are best?

Its best to look for quality and value in a few separate key vitamins and minerals and take them at therapeutic doses.

Minerals are first – Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine plus a good colloidal multi-mineral such a Volcomin.

Add vitamin C, vitamin D if missing sun exposure, and if under a lot of stress a good multi B vitamin. Plus a quality Essential Fatty Acid, that is, a fish or a krill oil.

Formulas with the addition of herbs are generally better, more effective.

Superfoods are the future of supplements and worth having if you can afford them. Vital sun, earth and life energies generate active compounds which can be astonishingly beneficial – these phyto-chemicals have potent medicinal properties.

Establish a supplement routine. Twice a day with food is best and keep them in a convenient spot so they’re not forgotten.