Clinic Clients

Clinic Clients

clientsRegistering as a clinic Client is our way of making restricted ‘practitioner only’ supplements readily available in an ethical and professional manner. It’s like asking for ‘behind the counter’ medicines at the pharmacy. It requires documentation plus personal contact.

You then have twelve months access to the ‘prescription’ items in the shop without paying for further consultations, as long as your choices are in line with managing your health needs. Put the item in your shopping cart and checkout, we approve it and it’s in the mail.

We require that you choose wisely, that your choices are suitable for yourself and your family and that your purchase volume is safe. The remedies and medicines in the shop are generally safe for everyone, however we check your file and will send a query if we have concerns.

There are two steps

  • Fill out a form (link below).
  • Book a consultation (15 minutes – $30). Choose either phone/video or clinic consultation.

Everyone who has a Consultation is automatically registered as a Client and may purchase from the shop.

Yearly Renewal of Client status

Staying registered with us as a Client requires yearly renewal. Please complete the simpler ‘Renewal’ form and book a 15 minute consultation.

Step 1. The Form

We’ve created a Client Registration Form that provides necessary documentation and most of your case analysis. Please get the form to clinic at least 24 hours before the appointment.

Filling out the form

It opens in a new page and takes about 10 minutes, please plan ahead.

Things to have ready before starting

  • list of medications, dosage, reason for taking
  • list of natural supplements

Please complete the form before a first consultation.

Step 2. The Consultation

Book a 15 minute phone or Zoom consultation so we may review the health info in your form and your preferred supplements.

This service is free at markets or seminars, please fill a form and talk to us.

Everyone having a consultation is automatically registered as a Client. Patients working with complex health concerns have easy access to repeat prescriptions – login and order, it will be in the mail the next day.

Product orders are checked against clinic notes and recorded to ensure proper usage.

Register as a Client

Client Renewal