Woman’s Balance

Woman’s Balance

Support a healthy menstrual cycle.

Paeonia, Motherwort, Muira Puama, Chaste Tree, Cramp Bark.

A blend of five potent herbs to support a healthy menstrual cycle.

Paeonia to support regular menstrual cycles and relieve tendency to cramping.

Motherwort to calm and tone hormonal systems.

Muira Puama to increase sexual vitality.

Chaste Tree as a hormonal regulator.

Cramp Bark to relax muscular tension or spasm.

We will help you decide the suitability of this herbal blend when you create a Subscription.


  • Not likely to be suitable in all cases. Start gently, test and measure.
  • May aggravate spasmodic dysmenorrhoea, may interact with oral contraceptives.
  • Best avoided if using pharmaceutical medication

Standard Dose: 7.5ml in a little water or juice, morning and night.