Compounded formula

Clinic’s Own Compounding

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These provide full therapeutic doses of key basic medicinal powders, supported by nutrient co-factors.


Thyroid Adrenal Support

Charcoal CapsulesProvides an effective daily dose of tyrosine to support thyroid and adrenal hormone production.

Supported by glycine, bamboo extract, inositol, trimethylglycine and boron.

Designed to work in synergy with Iodine, Selenium and Ascorbic Acid. May be supported by Thyroid Blend herbal extract.

Silica Formula

Charcoal CapsulesProvides 1400mg of Silicic Acid per dose.

Silicic acid is the organic form of silica which readily combines with aluminium in all tissue in the body. Ideal for removing aluminium from the brain in a safe, nourishing supplement. Also contains magnesium citrate, zinc methionate and boron to support potential chelation with minimal disturbance in neurologically challenged individuals.

Bone Support

Charcoal CapsulesA synergistic blend of minerals to support healthy bone metabolism.

Contains bamboo extract (70% organic silica), glycine, magnesium citrate, zinc, trimethylglycine, boron.

Gut Support

Charcoal Capsules

Provides a soothing mucilagious coating for an inflamed intestine.

Effective amounts of Glutamine, Nopal Cactus and Marshmallow Root powders plus magnesium citrate, zinc and trimethylglyine.

Pine Oil

Charcoal CapsulesPure Turpentine Essential Oil

Steam distilled oil of Pinus Palustrus – 100% pure.

Use topically for discomfort of rheumatoid and neuralgic disorders, muscle pain, toothache. Place a few drops on hot water to inhale the vapours for relief of chest and bronchial congestion.


Charcoal CapsulesA unique and gentle iodine supplement – 1.8mg per drop.

Proprietary name “Iosol”. Contains both iodine and iodide. The elemental iodine is derived from seaweed, the iodide from easily and gently assimilated ammonium iodide.

A beautiful nourishing iodine supplement.

Selenium Drops

Charcoal CapsulesSodium Selenite solution – 50 mcg / drop.

The mineral form of selenium, pure and well absorbed. The sodium content is nutritionally insignificant.


Charcoal CapsulesSaturated Solution Potassium Iodide – 50 mg / drop.

High dose iodine for short term emergency use e.g. to substitute for antibiotics.


Charcoal CapsulesA 50/50 mix of SSKI & DMSO – for topical use only.

Transdermal iodine. DMSO draws iodine through tissue for quick and deep disinfection of infectious bites and wounds.

An effective method of raising systemic iodine levels in persons so chronically iodine depleted they react badly to oral supplementation.