Pleurisy Root

Pleurisy Root

Asclepias tuberosa – root

Pleurisy Root is effective against respiratory infections where it reduces inflammation and assists expectoration. It can be used in the treatment of bronchitis and other chest infections.


Primary: expectorant, antispasmodic,

Secondary: promotes perspiration.


  • Dry, tight, constricted, nonproductive cough.
  • Hot, dry, irritated chest conditions.
  • Lower respiratory tract inflammation/infections.
  • Pleuritis; hot, dry mucous membranes.


Emetic. May cause nausea and vomiting.

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Asclepias tuberosa 1:2. Each 1 ml contains 500mg of dry herb.

Liquid extract in 45% ethanol. Use 10 to 20 ml weekly.

Our clinic uses fluid extracts from Optimal Rx, Herbal Extract Company, Nutrition Care, Mediherb or Sunray Botanicals, in this order.

Clinical Uses:
Pleurisy root is not used as prolifically as in the past. However it continues to be employed to cool, promote expectoration and moisten tissue in hot, dry chest conditions. Its historical use during pleuritic chest pain continues today. Pleurisy root is used as a relaxing diaphoretic to promote sweating and peripheral vasodilation.