astragalus flower


Astragalus membranaceus – roots

The root of Astragalus Membranaceus has been used for many hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine.

Restores and strengthens the body’s immune response. Increases vitality. General prevention of infection. Contra-indicated during acute infections.


Primary: immune stimulating, tonic, adaptogenic.

Secondary: cardiotonic, hypotensive, diuretic, antioxidant.


  • Supports relief of colds and flu, and mild bronchitis.
  • Fatigue.


Safety unknown in pregnancy. Often said to be contraindicated in acute infection, however if someone is sick, and exhibits symptoms of weakness, might be used to strengthen the person’s reserves to boost them towards wellness. Contraindicated for some in certain kinds of late-stage Lyme disease. Avoid for those on immunosuppressive drugs and transplanted organs.

Contra-indications and Cautions

Safety unknown in pregnancy.  Professional supervision is suggested during pregnancy and lactation.

Not advisable in acute infections.