Throat Chakra

Chakra 5. THROAT – communication, creativity

Inner state – ideas, symbols

Australian Bush Flower Essences grouped by Chakra energy. Click the name of the flower to open it’s full description.

Positive (+ve) is the aspect to move toward. Negative (-ve) is the aspect to leave behind.

The description column is a summary of the flower’s actions, intentions and possibilities.

BAUHINIA+ve: Acceptance, embracing new concepts.
-ve: Rigid, resistant to change.
Aversion to new ideas, travel. Techno fear; computers, mobiles.
To embrace new diets, lifestyles, people. For hardening diseases (arthritis).
To break habits (e.g. smoking) use with Boronia & Bottlebrush.
BORONIA+ve: Brings serenity, clarity of thought.
-ve: Obsessive thoughts, pining, infatuation.
Letting go of the past; habits, habitual thoughts & emotions.
Mental chatter. Infatuation, addictions to love.
Obsessive/compulsive,schizophrenia. Good for goal setting.
SUNDEW+ve: Practical, attentive to detail, focused.
-ve: Procrastinating, disconnected, lack of focus.
Helps people return to the physical & the present.
Recovery from shock, trauma, fainting.
Helps find focus, attention to fine detail.
For vague & disconnected people, procrastinators.
TURKEY BUSH+ve: Inspires creativity.
-ve: Creative blocks.
Creativity – brings creative imagination, clears creative blocks.
Taps into higher self. Instills the need to practice.
For problems that can be healed from a creative standpoint.

  1. Click the name of the flower, it will open the full description.
  2. To open in a new window, hold “control” and click the flower name.