Third Eye Chakra

Chakra 6. THIRD EYE – insight, intuition, mind, wisdom

Inner state – perception, vision

Australian Bush Flower Essences grouped by Chakra energy. Click the name of the flower to open it’s full description.

Positive (+ve) is the aspect to move toward. Negative (-ve) is the aspect to leave behind.

The description column is a summary of the flower’s actions, intentions and possibilities.

BUSH FUCHSIA+ve: Integration of information, develops intuition.
-ve: Can’t balance logic & intuition, dyslexia.
Learning difficulties. Left/right brain integration.
Accessing intuition. Issues of physical & mental balance: stroke, hypothalamic, chronic ear issues & giddiness.
GREEN SPIDER ORCHID+ve: Brings inner knowing, attunement.
-ve: Past life’s phobias, nightmares.
Helps those reaching out to new awareness.
Attunement to other people, plant & animal kingdoms.
To comprehend & integrate knowing & share this appropriately.
HIBBERTIA+ve: Integration of innate knowledge. Self acceptance.
-ve: Rigid, fanatic. Excessive self discipline.
Issues of the intellect. Devour information, philosophies.
Pursue knowledge to be superior but are repressed with hard attitudes.
Stiffness of the body, lack flexibility.
ISOPOGON+ve: Connects head & heart, opens subconscious.
-ve: Stubborn, controlling, cannot learn from the past.
Involves the mind. Helps learn from experiences.
Helps retrieve memories, open doors to the past.
If arrogant, controlling, ambitious (the natural leaders).
JACARANDA+ve: Decisive, clear minded.
-ve: Scattered, unfocused.
Ditherers. Enthusiastic, starting projects but not finishing them.
Not sure of the right decision, vacillating. Accident prone, clumsy.
Also for nervous rashes, pains that move about.
PAW PAW+ve: Brings focus & clarity.
-ve: Overwhelmed by decisions.
Strengthens the intuitive process, helps find higher self.
Making major life decisions.
For over-exposure to new ideas & information, helps with their assimilation & integration.
STURT DESERT ROSE+ve: Personal integrity, learning to follow inner convictions.
-ve: Guilt, regret.
Restores self esteem, strength to be true to oneself.
For people who set high standards for themselves, feel inadequate.
Paranoid types who feel others are talking about them.
YELLOW COWSLIP ORCHID+ve: Concern, objectivity, impartiality.
-ve: Critical, judgmental, feelings cut off by intellect..
Too focused on intellect, cut off from feelings aloof, cautious.
Poor pituitary function thus memory loss, weakening intellect.
Hormonal imbalance from OCP (‘pill’) – alternate with Isopogon.

  1. Click the name of the flower, it will open the full description.
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