Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra 3. SOLAR PLEXUS – power, will

Inner state – identity, self esteem

Australian Bush Flower Essences grouped by Chakra energy. Click the name of the flower to open it’s full description.

Positive (+ve) is the aspect to move toward. Negative (-ve) is the aspect to leave behind.

The description column is a summary of the flower’s actions, intentions and possibilities.

BANKSIA ROBUR+ve: Enjoyment of life.
-ve: Loss of drive & enthusiasm, de-energized.
For those who have had a setback.
Haven’t recovered for flu, viral illness.
Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, burnout, emotional disappointment.
+ve: Inner peace, slowing, turning around.
-ve: Rushing, impatient.
People who try to do too much; fast, striving, impatient.
Can’t delegate, can’t pace themselves, blame others for being slow and inefficient.
Achieve well – workaholics who pay the price.
CROWEAthe WORRY remedy
+ve: Centering, gets in touch with feelings.
-ve: Warring, out of balance.
Hurry, worry & money. For emotional balance.
Targets stomach (acid, ulcers) & works with the muscles.
Assists allergies, asthma, sporting injuries.
DOG ROSE+ve: Confidence.
-ve: Fearful, insecure.
Emotional state of fear; known, minor common everyday fears.
Shy & anxious, limited by fear. Diffuses phobias.
Helps compulsive eating.
KANGAROO PAW+ve: Relaxed & sensitive.
-ve: Socially awkward.
Unaware of the needs of others. May be narrow minded.
Insensitive people who put excessive demands on others.
Gives ability to enjoy the company of others.
KAPOK BUSH+ve: Commitment & motivation.
-ve: Apathetic, chronic exhaustion.
Resigned to their fate, everything is too much trouble.
Lets those who lack commonsense become practical, applied.
Allows people to see the broad picture.
MONGA WARATAH+ve: Strengthens the will.
-ve: Needy, disempowered, addictive.
Co-dependent. Stifled in a relationship, unable to leave.
Over-needy, need strength & support of others.
Helps reclaim the spirit, find inner strength.
PEACH FLOWERED TEA TREE+ve: Balance, self responsibility.
-ve: Mood swings, hypochondriacs.
Lack will to follow through.
Initial enthusiasm that drains away (easily bored).
Emotional balance,self confidence, ability to achieve.
PHILOTHECA+ve: Helps self acknowledgement, self love.
-ve: Excessively generous, cannot accept praise.
Allows people to accept the love of others.
For those who are generous, giving, good listeners, but have trouble acknowledging themselves.
RED GREVILLEA+ve: Strength to leave bad situations. Boldness, indifference to judgement.
-ve: Stuck, reliant on others, sensitive to criticism.
Not using own resources, need to be true to self.
Powerful remedy, brings a deep process through these issues.
Homeopathic for Golden Staph.
SILVER PRINCESS+ve: Motivation, life’s purpose.
-ve: Aimless, despondent.
At a cross-road or drifting, unsure of life’s plan or purpose.
Can’t find a new direction.. Feeling flat after achieving a goal.
Allows enjoyment of the journey toward a new goal.
SLENDER RICE FLOWER+ve: Brings co-operation & group harmony.
-ve: Narrow-minded, compares self with others.
To see both sides of a question or situation.
Release universal understanding.
Use at meetings, conferences, stressful workplaces.
SPINIFEX+ve: Understand the emotional causes of illness.
-ve: Skin conditions & related emotions.
A victim to illness, allows awareness of underlying attitudes & beliefs that cause these emotional states.
Herpes, fine cuts, blistering skin diseases of emotional origin.
TALL YELLOW TOP+ve: Sense of belonging, of being ‘home’.
-ve: Alienation, isolation, loneliness.
Lack of love, connects head & heart.
Not belonging to a family, workplace, home, country.
Gradual benefit, needs to be taken for a longer time..

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