Sacral Chakra

Chakra 2. SACRAL – relationships, emotions, sexuality

Inner state – pleasure, passion

Australian Bush Flower Essences grouped by Chakra energy. Click the name of the flower to open it’s full description.

Positive (+ve) is the aspect to move toward. Negative (-ve) is the aspect to leave behind.

The description column is a summary of the flower’s actions, intentions and possibilities.

BILLY GOAT PLUM+ve: Sexual pleasure & enjoyment.
-ve: Disgust & sexual self loathing.
Trigger words; unclean, shame.
Attitudes surrounding sex act/juices, periods, perspiration.
Also feelings of body loathing after sexual violation.
BOTTLEBRUSH+ve: Making transitions & breaking habits.
-ve: Holding on emotionally.
Overwhelmed by & resistant to major changes/transitions – career, marriage, moving, birth.
BUSH GARDENIA+ve: Improves communication & passion.
-ve: Taking loved ones for granted.
Brings thought, awareness, interest, passion to relationships.
Helps reconnect, brings love to non-intimate relationships.
Aphrodisiac remedy.
FLANNEL FLOWER+ve: Trust & enjoyment in touch.
-ve: Uncomfortable with physical & emotional intimacy.
Crave closeness but feel personal space is being invaded.
Enhances physical expression & energy.
Males: for lack of sensitivity, increases sensuality, joy of life.
GYMEA LILY+ve: Humility, appreciation of others, follow the passion.
-ve: Arrogant, dominating, crave status..
Extroverted, used to getting own way.
Attention seeking behavior, need for status and glamour.
Helps find strength, purpose.
LITTLE FLANNEL FLOWER+ve: Playfulness, joy, spontaneity.
-ve: Denial of the child within.
Brings joy, releases burdens, encourages playfulness.
Helps adults connect to children.
Helps reconnect with psychic abilities.
SHE OAK+ve: Overcomes imbalances in females.
-ve: For women: distress about fertility, commitment.
Women: clears emotional blocks around conception.
Infertility: hydrating (secretions), regulating (hormones).
WEDDING BUSH+ve: Commitment to relationships & goals.
-ve: Difficulty with commitment.
Helps commitment to relationships, employment, family, goals.
Excellent at the start of a task or relationship.
For dedication to life’s purpose.
WISTERIA+ve: Trust, fulfillment & enjoyment of sexuality.
-ve: For women: uncomfortable about sexuality.
Women: fear of intimacy & expression of sensuality (also feelings or fears which may stem from past abuse).
For men: access & express softer, gentler, feminine side.

  1. Click the name of the flower, it will open the full description.
  2. To open in a new window, hold “control” and click the flower name.