Companion Essences

companion essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences grouped by Chakra energy. Click the name of the flower to open it’s full description.

Positive (+ve) is the aspect to move toward. Negative (-ve) is the aspect to leave behind.

The description column is a summary of the flower’s actions, intentions and possibilities.

AUTUMN LEAVES+ve: Letting go in one’s last days.
-ve: Difficulty in transition from physical to spiritual realm.
Allows one to hear, see and feel communication from the other side.
Emphasizes the sense of letting go.
Allows awareness of help & guidance.
LICHEN+ve: Eases transition into light.
-ve: Not looking for spiritual light at life’s passing.
Helps soul to pass through the astral plane quickly.
Assists separation between physical & etheric.
To look for & go to the light at the moment of physical death.
GREEN ESSENCE+ve: Harmonize vibration of a yeast, mould or parasite to one’s own vibration.
-ve: Emotional distress from intestinal & skin disorders.
To clean the system of yeast, moulds & parasites.
Orally: 7 drops before meals. Topically: spray or mist.
Don’t use orally & topically at the same time.
MULLA MULLA+ve: Reduces effects of fire, sun’s radiation.
-ve: Trauma from heat, fire, radiation.
Prevents and treats sunburn. Helps hot flushes.
Reduces risk of radiation (radiation therapy, X-rays, air travel).
Helps to lower fever, very useful for children.

Tips for using the Charts

  1. Click the name of the flower, it will open the full description.
  2. To open in a new window, hold “control” and click the flower name.