Base Chakra

Chakra 1. BASE – survival, grounding

Inner state – stillness, firmness, stability

Australian Bush Flower Essences grouped by Chakra energy. Click the name of the flower to open it’s full description.

Positive (+ve) is the aspect to move toward. Negative (-ve) is the aspect to leave behind.

The description column is a summary of the flower’s actions, intentions and possibilities.

ALPINE MINT BUSH+ve: Revitalisation.
-ve: Mental, emotional exhaustion; esp. carers.
Tired, weary, wondering “why bother”.
Works at mental and emotional level.
Not for tiredness at end of the day or of physical nature.
BOAB+ve: Clearing family karmic connections.
-ve: Enmeshed in negative family patterns, abuse.
Experience of abuse, prejudice.
Access & clear patterns, especially of family.
People who feel trapped, persecuted.
CHRISTMAS BELL+ve: Manifesting desired outcome, mastery of physical plane.
-ve: Feeling lack of abundance, poor care of possessions.
Realization that important things are not of the physical.
Gain focus on life’s purpose & loving relationships.
Instill greater care of one’s possessions without unneeded attachment.
DOG ROSE of the WILD FORCES+ve: Calm & centred in times of turmoil.
-ve: Fear of losing control, being swept away.
Sense of imminent disaster. Involved in intense and turbulent emotion.
On a knifes edge, could snap at any moment.
Relieves physical pain of no obvious cause.
FRINGED VIOLET+ve: Protects aura, removes distress.
-ve: Distress, auric damage, old shock & trauma.
Allows release of long held trauma from deep shock, bad news.
For slow recovery. Protection for the mentally ill.
Sexual abuse: Men- add Flannel Flower. Women- add Wisteria.
GREY SPIDER FLOWER+ve: Faith, courage.
-ve: Fear of supernatural, nightmares, terror, panic.
Immobilizing terror or panic. Night terrors in children.
Fear of dying or losing identity (and of public speaking).
Psychic attacks. Panic throughout a community (war, disaster).
MACROCARPA+ve: Renewal of enthusiasm.
-ve: Personally drained, deep tiredness.
Exhausted, burnt out, low immunity. Works on the adrenal gland.
Brings awareness of the need for rest, releases extra energy.
For times of great physical stress, brings endurance.
OLD MAN BANKSIA+ve: Can cope with what life brings.
-ve: Disheartened, weary, slow, heavy.
Over-caring, family focused, dependable, intuitive, over-worked.
Give too much, disheartened by setbacks.
Brings enjoyment, enthusiasm, energy.
SOUTHERN CROSS+ve: Personal power, consideration.
-ve: Victim mentality, resentful.
Poverty consciousness. Opens to abundance, awareness of others.
Whinging, irritable, sulky, sullen. Feel the world owes them a living.
Feel life is against them, expect the worst. Early aging.
+ve: Resolves deep pain.
-ve: Deep hurt.
Helps diffuse sad memories of long ago hurts & sorrows.
Allows expression of the emotion & pain.
Works quickly, even for old pain & past life experience.
SUNSHINE WATTLE+ve: Optimism, acceptance of beauty & joy in the present.
-ve: Stuck in past hard times, expect a grim future.
For hard times, financial worries, disappointments.
No hope for the future, life is a grim struggle.
Bleak outlook & expectations.
WARATAH+ve: Faith, courage, survival skills.
-ve: Extreme trauma, crisis, black despair.
The black night of the soul, utter despair, suicidal tendencies.
Quick acting, gives courage and faith.
WILD POTATO BUSH+ve: Freedom to move on.
-ve: Burdened at physical level, weighed down.
Physical burdens, limitations, restrictions.
For paraplegics, over-weight, restrictive illness, pregnancy.
Brings vitality & freedom. Heavy metal detox.

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