Himalayan Salt “Sole”

The most important requirement for good health is HYDRATION – every cell of the body needs ample free water. For water to enter cells through the cell membrane it needs electrolyte potential – ample minerals with electrical charge.

We can drink a lot of water and pass a lot of clear urine yet remain chronically dehydrated if water lacks electrolyte potential, and it could take weeks of consuming good electrolyte water to fully re-hydrate.

A great way to energise water with a perfect electrolyte is to add Himalayan Salt Sole (so-lay).

How to Make Sole

Chunky Himalayan salt crystals are better if you can find them. Fill a glass jar about half full and add pure water.

Allow to stand 24 hours and the water will become a saturated salt solution. This is the Sole.

Simply add some Sole to a glass of water or to a water bottle. About 1 teaspoon to a large glass of water so the water will tastes mineralised. Not so much that the water tastes salty.

As the jar of Sole depletes simply top it up with water or salt crystals as needed. Every couple of months the jar and stones may need rinsing out and refreshing.


The benefits are amazing. Drinking water becomes mineralised and alkalising, it helps the body to detox and cleanse, sediments that can cause stones and hardening start dissolving. It will help prevent cramps. Good hydration will moderate histamine reactions.

Drinking ample amounts of Sole water isn’t likely to raise blood pressure like a refined salt because it helps the body regulate fluid balance and blood pressure.

And of course the Sole water is very hydrating, getting that water into the cells where it is so critically needed.

Finish a long day feeling so much fresher, without that feeling of unsatisfied thirst.