Adequate water is the most vital part of being well. That is, being well hydrated.

The most unrecognised aspect of hydration is that the water must be inside the cells where it is chemically involved in most functions. This accounts for most of the water in the body – it is called the “bound water”.

We also need a reserve of “free water” available in the cells at all times. Soon after this reserve is depleted the body must begin to manage drought, systematically shutting down functions such as the energy cycle of the cell.

Dehydration is a part of every chronic health condition. And no health condition can be resolved while dehydration is a factor.

Drinking lots of water and passing clear urine is not a sure sign of being well hydrated, all it means is that lots of water is passing through the system.

The water we drink needs to be pure except for the addition of adequate minerals to support it’s electrolyte potential – it must easily enter the cell where its needed. Rainwater is unlikely to do it and town supplies with added alum and fluoride will never hydrate the cells.

Most people are dehydrated to some extent, and it could take at least a week (or even a month) of diligent hydration with electrolyte formulas to fully restore water to the cells.