Australian Bush Flower Insight Images

Australian Bush Flower Insight Images

People from all around the world have long been fascinated by the flowers of the Australian bush.

The flower Insight Cards were first developed in 1997 after numerous requests from both practitioners and patients to see the flowers in all their glory.

These images will help you to deeply understand the clues nature has given to the healing qualities of each flower by its shape and colour – what ancient healers termed the Doctrine of Signatures. Insight Images allow intuition to connect with needs of the psyche.

Slowly and deliberately look through the images and select the images you are most attracted to. Invariably you will choose flowers whose healing qualities are extremely pertinent to the major issues you are going through. If there is an image you have a strong aversion to it may be selected also, it will usually relate to something important that you may be unaware of or resisting.

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Every time this page is opened the entire deck of images is re-shuffled. Just as a deck of Insight Cards may be shuffled, these Insight Images are also re-arranged each time the page is refreshed/reloaded.
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