What is SCENAR?

SCENAR is an acronym for Self – Controlled – Energo – Neuro – Adaptive Regulator.

It is a small hand-held device that uses biofeedback technology to stimulate the nervous system. The unique biofeedback technology triggers the body’s generation of neuropeptides initiating the body’s own healing powers enhancing a healthier physical state and higher quality of life (often helps issues that resist other therapies).

Scenar was invented and developed by the medical science division of the Soviet Space Program to address the medical challenges faced by space travel which required a compact portable method of treating pain and a wide range of medical problems.

It is a perfect complement to Physiospect because it works directly into muscle and nerves.

How does SCENAR therapy work?

Scenar discharges a pattern that stimulates the nervous pathways, regulating and restoring the energy which improves the affected organs and tissues.  The impulse shape is based on the natural nervous discharge and is therefore readily accepted by the organism, subtle modifications in the impulse parameters ensure the targeted pathways are continually receptive to treatment.

The newly-produced peptides will last for several hours and continue the healing process long after treatment is over, this generally has a positive flow-on effect to other unrelated imbalances, like sleeplessness and mood.

With Scenar there is no diagnosis in the traditional sense – your body will indicate what it needs.  Your health relies on the continuous exchange of energy and information within your body, as all functions of the body are interrelated they all need to work  in harmony together, however environmental conditions like stress, injury and disease disrupt the effective exchange, causing pain and discomfort.

Treatment Process

Treatment will depend on the type and severity of the injury or complaint and the area to be treated will determine if you will be required to sit or lay on the treatment bed.
Your Scenar practitioner will place the device on your skin and you will feel a tingling sensation, the electrical impulses are safe and designed to mimic the natural electrical signals of your nervous system. Your practitioner may adopt the brushing or dosing technique or a combination of both depending on your complaint, the area and severity of your pain.  You are encouraged to tell your practitioner of any change or sensations you feel.
Scenar treatment normally takes between 30 – 45 minutes and the aim is to achieve change in your condition during the treatment.  It is important to remember that your body will continue to feel the effects of the treatment after you leave, in some cases you may feel worse in the interim but don’t be alarmed, it is a good indication that your body is responding quickly and a change is occurring.  Keep a note of any change you experience and advise your practitioner at your next visit.

Treatment frequency

In most cases you will require a minimum of 3 treatments however some acute or long standing conditions may take a little longer to resolve. Acute conditions like fresh injuries, burns, post-surgical wounds and acute inflammation should be treated as soon as practically possible, within 24 hours.  The sooner Scenar is provided in traumas and injury – the better the effect the Scenar treatment will have and the faster the body will recover.