PhysioSpect – advanced scanning and therapy technology

Brief Overview

PhysioSpect is able to quickly scan the body and immediately give on-screen results.

The scanning is via a set of special headphones. A triggering frequency is emitted, the response frequency is recorded and compared to a database of frequencies for comparison.

A therapeutic healing frequency may be sent to any scanned area to normalise problems or disturbances, literally at molecular level.

Therapy is also via the headphones whereby a normalising return signal is emitted.

This advanced technology was developed by Russian scientists for use by Russian doctors.

PhysioSpect – scanning and therapy technology

Physiospect is an advanced technology allowing virtual evaluation of the condition of much of the body; organs, joints, tissue, cells, even DNA.

Physiospect Scan – Right Shoulder

All parts of our body are communicating energetically, these frequencies are detectable in the bio-field around the brain.  Special headphones send a specific triggering signal and compare the return resonance frequency to a vast database of stored frequencies – allowing comparison of the many scans to pathologies, micro-organisms, medicines (pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal) heavy metals, emotions and much more.

The device is able to remediate tissue and organs by a powerful and popular procedure known as metatherapy, a true quantum therapy whereby a harmonizing return signal is sent to specific disturbed frequency patterns, correcting problem areas at the level of a person’s energetic blueprint.

Metatherapy transfers healthy frequencies to the precise problem area, stimulating the body’s innate healing. There is nothing new about this concept, it has been around for eons, going back to the ancient acupuncture system and more recently with Tesla coils and Rife frequencies. With the advent of modern computers Russian scientists were able to create a computer program to stimulate the healing process – on the computer screen a client can see this transformation happening.

The signal may be inverted to a destructive mode for particular microbes.

DNA Makeover

One third of the PhysioSpect database is of the human DNA. If a person has deeper issues which are not resolving the DNA may be scanned and normalized with metatherapy.

PhysioSpect is not a medical device. The responsibility for analysis and any remedial decision is with the operator, based on their anatomical/physiological knowledge and medical education.

Comparison with other Imaging Technologies

Unlike NMR and computer tomography, the NLS-analysis (PhysioSpect) does not need high intensity fields. The method seems to have good prospects for metabolism studies, particularly at cellular level. Of all methods of hardware-based diagnostics the NLS provides representations most proximate to a pathologic-anatomic picture.

Computer Tomography

Patient S, 68 years old. Osteoblastic metastasis of carcinoma of prostate gland into spondyle.

Ultrasonic Investigation

Patient S, 56 years old. Longitudinal section: right kidney stone.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Patient S, 56 years old. Metastisis of lung cancer into left frontal lobe of brain.

Description of the Symbols

The Etalon

Each PhysioSpect scan is recorded as a waveform – this is called the Etalon.

  1. The results each scan is encoded and displayed as an Etalon.
  2. The vast database of scans covering pathologies, microbes, healing substances, etc is stored as Etalons.

Each scan is assessed by comparing Etalons.