Welcome to the Flower Essences

– and a special way to choose a remedy

Flower Essences support emotional harmony and healing and you’re about to enter a special way to discover them.

You can move amongst them to find an intuitive, emotional connection with each flower, or select directly from a list if you know what you’re looking for.

You can see them grouped by an emotional state or chakra energy, you may look through the images as if they’re a deck of colourful cards.

Enjoy the flowers, follow the links to know more, add them to your own mix in the shop and it will be in the mail the next day.

Please Note: Flower Essence prescribing is a trained modality and usually only available from a qualified practitioner. This flower essence resource has three levels and many pages – it is better on a larger screen and it will take a little time to find your way around here.

However there are plenty of internal links and it will soon become familiar.

Please read this page first…

Flower Essences

Flower remedies are simple and effective. Yet they are a profound and wonderful way to heal our emotional self.

The moment of flowering is a plant’s fullest expression of its life and purpose. The open flower has beauty and wonderful perfume and carries a distinct and subtle energy.

Flowers have been used as medicine from the earliest times, in the great ancient civilizations and in the oldest tribes. They heal with the vibration of their unique personality and character.

Flowers as medicine are different from herbs. Herbalists use the roots, leaves and bark, prescribing with their chemical components such as alkaloids and tannins, which are physical. Flowers are the most evolved and potent part of the plant, the energetic vibration contained in the flower can address emotional and spiritual healing.

Our modern use of them as reliable medicine stems from the work of Edward Bach (1886-1936) who as a medical doctor realized that the emotional state of his patients was often a precursor to illness and could hinder or help the healing process.

Bach had studied homeopathy and came to perceive the special healing energy of flowers, eventually developing his range of remedies. This work has been repeated around the world.

The macrocosm itself acts to re-tune the human microcosm in the same way that walking in the woods or witnessing a sunrise does. This happens very subtly, nearly imperceptibly, and draws on specifically what is possible and necessary at any given moment” – Edward Bach

If you would like a simple reliable way to work at an emotional level, or with life’s direction and challenges, the flower remedies are for you.

This resource offers a way to take ownership of a special healing journey. Follow the links to learn about each flower and choose essences for your own personal mix.

Important info on this resource

This is a complex resource.

It does not have a “quick fix” for a medical condition.

Behind every emotional, psychological, psychiatric condition is a complex array of imbalances, deficiencies and toxicities. They may be physical, mental, a product of circumstance or of a previous life or lives.

Using this resource will take time and effort.

Remember, most people can only access a personally prescribed flower essence mix via a consultation with a trained consultant.

Also, it may not be easy to navigate all the links on a small screen such as a phone or tablet.

However, you are here now and a great resource is at your fingertips. If you take time to find your way into it you will be deeply rewarded.

Frequencies & our energies

It has long been known that we are more than the physical body, that we have and that we are, an electrical field.

Water is the universal carrier of vibrational imprints. The hydrogen-oxygen bonds in a water molecule have an infinite number of bond-angle permutations and electron orbit shifts and so they possess an infinite capacity for carrying different vibrations. It is likely that, during the process of potentisation of flower essences in sunlight that the water starts to resonate with the vibrational imprint of the flower. This resonance remains in the water, it can be detected by Kirlian photography, it can be deleted by boiling the water.

Applying the appropriate resonant frequency (the correct flower essence) to a complex discordant wave-form (a human out of balance, in a particular mental or emotional aspect) re-balances the energy system to return order to the former chaos. This can be readily seen in Cymatics, the beautiful patterns generated at specific sound frequencies.

Do flower essences work?

Some people are sure that flower essences work only by placebo effect or they are pseudoscience or quackery. Yet after many decades of successful use they’ve acquired a great following with a legion of success stories.

Flowers are successfully used on animals and children, who of course cannot know of their intention. And Bach Rescue Remedy and Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence have been reliably used for decades.

This writer knows of a woman purchasing a remedy with the intention of surreptitiously dosing her husband with whom she was having problems; she put the drops in his cup of tea. His change was overnight and profound!

Yet the placebo effect still applies. Choosing a remedy is a mental process, the conscious mind is speaking for the inner world, asking the inner healer for resolution and beneficial change. Its a real process which amplifies the healing energies of the flowers.

Or maybe the flower energies amplify changes arising from our deeper inner knowing.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

The Australian essences have a reputation worldwide for being very quick-acting and very potent. I put that down to the fact that where the essences are made is a very pristine and pure environment. Physically and psychically, Australia is not very polluted. Also, Australia had the first flowering plants in the world and we have the highest number of flowering plants as well. All those factors lead to the essences from Australian plants being extremely potent.

– Ian White 2013

Australia has the world’s oldest and highest number of flowering plants; beautiful and strong. Blessed with sunlight Australia is relatively unpolluted and metaphysically has a wise, old energy. There is also a strong new vitality in this country.

The essences are unique; they address modern consciousness with its complexity, nuances and potential.

Use this resource to make your own special remedy. Each flower has its own full description page which may be chosen by one of the 3 methods below.

In Chakra Charts the flowers are grouped by energies of the chakras. To focus on an emotional energy click this button.

 Scrolling through the flower images is a visual way to connect with them, the flowers can be chosen intuitively. Click this button for the Insight Images.

For those already familiar with the Australian Bush Flowers, who want to go directly to a particular flower, click this button for the Alphabetical List.