Welcome to Clinic Memberships

Membership with our clinic and this website is the simplest way to have direct access to registered naturopathic services and ‘practitioner only’ health products.

There are two steps

  • Fill out a form
  • Book a phone consultation (15 minutes).

The Form

The form is fairly easy to fill out yet covers important basics.

The online form is best – click send and we have it.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete. There’s a link at the end to upload medical documents.

Click the button, it opens in a new window. The form cannot be saved, plan ahead to do it all at one time.

Things to have ready before starting

  • list of medications, dosage, reason for taking
  • list of natural supplements
  • test results and scans in a handy folder for upload at the end of the form

Bookings are available on the booking page, click the link below.

If you have any problems please send a message by the contact page.

The form is downloadable – print and send.

The Consultation

‘Practitioner’ benefits require a consultation, this is a simple easy way.

A brief consultation is always available at our markets and seminars, just fill out the form and sit down for a chat. Memberships are automatically available after a full consultation at clinic.

The phone call to book (at the Bookings page) is for 15 minutes. Please ensure your Membership Form has been completed.

After a membership is created, all you have to do is log in to find your ‘practitioner only’ products in the “my special products” section of the website shop.

Staying well means taking key supplements at therapeutic doses but many of the good products are only available on prescription through a registered naturopath. Many supplements are simple and safe and needed by everyone for general wellness – most people can be given access to these in their membership.

Patients working with complex health concerns have easy access to repeat prescriptions – just log in and order, it will be in the mail the next day. Prescriptions are always checked against clinic notes and recorded.

Mailing Address

If you download and print the form, either scan and email


Post to:

Support Health Clinic

PO Box 353

Eumundi Qld 4562

APPLICATION – Download the Form

RENEWAL – Download the Form