Online Memberships

“Memberships” is similar to asking for ‘behind the counter’ and ‘restricted’ medicines at the pharmacy.

  • You speak face to face with the consultant.
  • You provide name and address.
  • You mention existing medications and why this one is needed.
  • The consultant provides the medicine with advice on how to use it and possible side effects.
  • The purchase is recorded.

At Support Health online there are two steps

  • Fill out a form
  • Book a phone consultation (15 minutes / $22).

Membership Renewal

Memberships are for 1 year, after which the form and brief consultation are required again.

A ‘Renewal’ is needed at 6 months – a simplified form only with no consultation.

The Form

Takes about 10 minutes, please plan ahead.

Things to have ready before starting

  • list of medications, dosage, reason for taking
  • list of natural supplements

Please complete the form before the consultation. Health concerns take time to understand, fill it out well so good information is available.

If you have any problems please send a message by the contact page.

The Consultation

Book a 15 minute phone call (Bookings page Category – phone consultation).

A membership is created, simply log-in and go to the Shop. The personal prescription is in “My Special Products” at the top of the page.

This service is free at markets or seminars, just fill a form and talk to us. Memberships are automatically available after a consultation at clinic.

Patients working with complex health concerns have easy access to repeat prescriptions – log in and order, it will be in the mail the next day. Prescriptions are always checked against clinic notes and recorded.

APPLY for Membership

RENEW Membership