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How healthy is your electrome?

A novel concept to recently emerge in the literature is that of the electrome and it’s importance in maintaining health and wellbeing. In analogy with the terms “genome,” “metabolome”, and “microbiome”, the “electrome” refers to the sum of all our electrical activity. Biological electric current is not carried by electrons but by the movement of […]

Rene Peoc’h, Chickens, Telekinesis

In 1986 Rene Peoc’h conducted a most astonishing experiment to show telekinesis – influencing objects at a distance by power of the mind. He used newly hatched chicks and a specially made robot. Chickens and all birds believe the first animate creature or thing they see after hatching is their parent and become closely bonded. […]

Andrew Weil – Reflections On Coffee

From “The Marriage of Sun and Moon” by Andrew Weil 1984 “A primary aspect of a good relationship with any psychoactive drug is awareness of its nature. When people forget that drugs are drugs, they are on the road to trouble. “Look at the extent of serious dependence on coffee in our society. Coffee is […]

3 Reasons to question an “evidence based medicine” treatment

The gold standard of “evidence based medicine” is the placebo controlled trial. There are three problems with this evidence. The Placebo Was the placebo mentioned in the trial? Any trial failing to specify the placebo would be invalid – it could be around 90% of trials. Another troubling aspect of placebos is the “placebo washout”. […]

What it feels like to saturate the body with iodine

Iodine is beneficial to every cell of the body (and all animal life). Becoming iodine sufficient brings a deep sense of wellness and mental clarity. It becomes an anti-microbial shield and reduces heavy metal penetration. Sufficiency with iodine is a good feeling. A deeper sense of wellness, clarity of mind, warmer core body temperature, better […]

We Were Made For These Times

We Were Made For These Times Clarissa Pinkola Estes   My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times. I have heard from so many recently who are deeply and properly bewildered. They are concerned about the state of affairs in our world now. Ours is a time of almost daily astonishment […]

Don’t be floxxed

Antibiotics kill bacteria, the good and the not good. Just as chemotherapy kills all cells. After antibiotics were discovered in the 1940’s an enormous market opportunity was available to the pharmaceutical companies, which put much research into creating as many different kinds of antibiotics as possible and finding as many uses as possible for them, […]

How Glucosamine works to relieve Joint Pain

Glucosamine is made from pulverised sea crustaceans and a lot of people are buying a lot of it. The placebo effect only lasts so long – no doubt these powders are offering genuine pain relief. Medical opinion finds little to no benefit for glucosamine with regard to joint pain and joint degeneration, although a trial […]

How Bitter Herbs Promote Appetite and Digestion

Bitter herbs are used to stimulate and enhance digestion. They’re certainly bitter; the two most commonly used bitters Gentian and Wormwood contain the most bitter substances known. Other digestive bitters are Golden Seal, Dandelion leaf, Barberry, Andrographis and Angelica. Also beneficial are Chamomile and St Mary’s Thistle. They surely have a strong taste but it’s […]

Bone Broth – Liquid Gold

A high-quality, nutrient-dense diet is one of the most powerful ways to maintain health and prevent disease. Our gut in particular needs proper nourishment for health to really flourish. Bone broths contain collagen, gelatine and many minerals. It is soothing and nourishing for our gut and for us. Bone Broth Basics You may use chicken, […]

Carbs are good, especially for the biome

Carbohydrate is the most controversial macronutrient. Well maybe not, fats are controversial too. But the science on fats is so clear the politics are becoming irrelevant. The debate around carbohydrate is interesting and usually well informed but its polarized between government and medical dietetics with low fat high carb advice on one side and on the […]

12 Steps to Sleep Training Babies

Some ideas for tired mums and dads New babies:  1. After 8 weeks of age, wean baby off of falling asleep at the breast. 2.  If mama is nursing in the middle of the night, better to feed them as “dream feed” meaning that she feeds them before they are actually awake. 3.  Create a […]

Faecal transplants

Faecal transplants or Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) is a treatment for bowel disorders linked to problems with the microbial balance in the gut, that is, the health of the biome. A stool sample is taken from a healthy person and introduced into the bowel of the patient. Benefits Among the benefits are improving insulin sensitivity […]

Terminal Illness & the Stages of Dying

There are no mistakes, no co-incidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from. – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Elizabeth Kubler-Ross lived a remarkable life, starting out in her late teens as a newly graduated nurse riding her bicycle across Europe into the chaos of post war Germany. Amongst her many achievements was wheeling dying […]

Is Organic Food worth paying for?

Of all possible ways to maintain wellness the most effective and enduring is to buy fresh food and prepare it at home. Many a working man in tough dirty industry has lived a long and productive life without significant medical interventions because he ate home cooking from fresh bought food. Home cooking costs less in […]

5 Precious Actions for Every Relationship

Living in love is an energy flow; through us from the divine toward the world we care to nurture. 5 actions are that keep the loving connection with our life’s partner are: Physical touch with eye contact Quality time with undivided attention Affirmations Gifts Service With the expression of all actions every day. A relationship […]

How Activated Charcoal & Zeolite work to detox

Lets include Diatomaceous Earth as well – it’s good for the same task too. When it comes to detoxification we’re often told to use these products because they’re supposed to be good at removing toxins from the body. Firstly, they don’t leave the gut so this is the only place they’ll be capturing anything. But they’re […]

Why we need the six tastes of food

The taste of food offers more than the pleasure of eating – it has a lot to do with how its digested and absorbed. Traditional cultures have a full range of tastes in foods. Sugar and sweet taste have become a part of the Westernized food experience, even to the extreme of using substitute sugars […]

Hydrogenated Oils are Delicious!

Yes, and they’re in so many popular foods! They’re superb at creating crisp-crumbly biscuits, crunchy crackers, moist cupcakes and flaky pastries. A chocolate can be customised to melt in the mouth not in the hands. The smaller fat crystals make shortenings with smaller air bubbles to stay in the batter longer and produce reliably fluffy […]